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I just have a simple question.

How does the presence of Dragon Scales imply the person is a dragon/demon. In PTH Drago had a Dragon Scale shield. Behemoth could simply have dragon Scale armor.

and just for fun:

If assassins are low forms of life since they kill for money that means every soldier is on the same level since they get paid to kill the "enemies of the government." Snipers are assassins except they work for the military.

Since we are not considering anything other then getting paid to kill a person in determining their position among forms of life, Flax is worse then an assassin. Consider that he knowingly sends people to their deaths, gets paid to kill people and puts a lot of thought into it before hand, is seeking vengenance against others, and is about to wage a war to gain a title and more power.

Well when you strip Flax of his reason and motivations and look at him purely in this light he is no better then palpatine or Vader.

A jedi should know that there may be mitigating circumstances to any actions and would not act so quickly. A Leader would know that and wouldn't if he was good and not evil would not condemn a person knowing only the most superficial and possible wrong information....

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