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Right, to continue with the appologies and explanations.

I still feel Scar got himslef into this mess, all he had to do was capitulate to the two blasters, the truth is I over-reacted because I got angry and I just wanted to kill Behamoth and move on. That was out of character for Flax.

As to skill I would point out that Flax is very strong in the Force, has been trained from age five and is now just shy of 50.

As to another way of stopping Behamoth. Flax can't do any kind of mind trick beyond the basic "I hear a pebble over there" sort of thing.

He also can't read minds very well beyond a general sence of the person.

He is also still a little unbalenced for the moment.

I do feel that general attacks on my characters are unfair.

Flax may seem a bit arrogant, well okay. He is a little bit, his temper is his weakness, as I've stated before.

I can only plead stress on my own part and a frustration with Scar and this whole bussiness. I'm afraid I'm under some stress at the moment and it shows through my characters.

I drop the point about assassins. I just don't like to be proved wrong.

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