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"my video game can beat up your video game because (insert verbal diahrreah here)."
First it was Halo 2 vs SWBF. Now it is about Halo 2 vs Half Life 2, and why this one sucks more than the other, and vice versa.

I mean seriously, once we get over the yes, no, or both answer to the thread question, why must we continue this mindless rant.

Seriously, I like some games that most people think are about retarded, but they seem fun to me, and I care less about what others think, but I am not going to go on and on about why it is cool?

People who post in forums, NEVER learn that people ARE entitled to opinions, but if somebody disagree's with you, what is the point of the argument? Do you actually expect somebody to go, "Gee sir, you are right, this copy of Halo 2 is a worthless piece of trash, and SWBF really sucks the big one! I think I will throw both in the trash, and go buy Half Life 2! Golly, you really saved the day, THANK YOU! Where would I be without your divine wisdom?"

Guys, just play what you want, have fun know....shut up!

Back on topic,

I MAY play BOTH SWBF, AND Halo 2 tomorrow. Realitives are visiting, so quality time is pending...
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