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Re: This a reminder that the search function is still off and people still want it back.

Originally posted by tk102
Disabling the Search function is a band-aid to a different chronic problem.

By band-aiding the problem, it becomes much easier to ignore the problem rather than fix the problem. And moderators and administrators can ignore the band-aid too because the Search function still works for them.
Despite the fact that I never used it before anyway, it is possible to browse a forum without the search function.

Originally posted by tk102
I know the staff of these forums dedicates a great deal of time and effort towards the smooth running of these forums. As a concerned netizen, I must simply restate that disabling the Search function is not acceptable long-term solution and that we must not satisfied until it is restored.
A search function on a forum is a perk that the admin decided to put on. Granted most good forums do have search function, but it is optional and the admin decided to put it on. But due to current events, they had to disable it for a while. Like I said live with it, it will come back and if you're not satisfied until it is then you're not satisfied. Like I said before, you're not paying for this, the Admin owe you nothing.

Oh, and popup ads are annoying for everyone, I doubt they're not getting money for having them on the site and there are ways of getting around popup's, I haven't seen a single one for a good half a year now.

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