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Originally posted by wildjedi
Ana was silent for a moment. Then, she said, "I wanted to be an actress. I'd planned for college and everything. Then, an old soldier got drunk and drove his car into my dad. My mom's not around, so I had to take over the bookstore." She sighed.

"So much for my dreams."
There is still a chance for u to become an actress. Who has the right to tie a beautiful young woman like u down to a book store like this.

I also Lost why parents to. I was a great soilder and I had killed alot of people inculding a gang lord. On night I went out to have these(shows her his sub-machine guns) cleaned and on the way home I saw my mom and my dad getting gunned down during a drive by shooting of course I went and killed every last on of them In a act of revenge...Now I am just a journelist trying to repent for my sins...

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