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BD: I agree with you, which is why I don't like the idea of #1 at all and have always basically planned on #2.

By the way, there are a couple ways to do the 'time bubble' as well.

1: The schism happens because it's part of the quest itself. It is keyed to the 'quest-identifier' magic inside the group, and as time jumps forward for them it will jump forward for everyone with that magic - including Misae, and Drago if he stays with the group for much longer (long enough for the magic to transfer over).

2: The schism happens because of somewhere the group goes. It affects only those in that certain place/situation. Anyone separated from the group (ex: Misae) would stay in the normal time frame and age as such.

Reason it could most conveniently happen next thread is because #2.2 would work best there. So many ways I could have the group stumble into something to cause that in my dimension/while dimension traveling. Why do you think the Middle Ages of my world connects with Mrear, while 2000+ connects with the current SW universe? Schisms in time thanks to an unstable artificial dimension plane.

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