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I haven't played KOTOR, my PC is bellow the spec

Okay, well I have a rough concept of Tarsis, since I was going to send Flax there.

The world it's self is roughly Earth-like, there are four main continants and a lot of islands. Most of the equatorial region is desert and the polar caps are quite extensive. The planet has two moons which opperate on a 22 day cycle with the second, smaller, moon roughly 4 days behind the first.

Mostly the Agamarians work in the northern hemesphire becuase this provides them with the neccessary raw materials to make their weapons. (This is mainly to do with the longbows.)

I was thinking of having an army of around 90,000 on the planet.

This would compose 2 regular Northern Compact Legions, stats for those are in this thread; 4 war Levies. These are like legions but they have no house guards, about half the number of cavalvy and billmen and three times the longbow men.

In addition there will be a Cup of Winds Legion (Sophae's people), this Legion is roughly the same as a compact legion but with no billmen. Instead they have 800 heavy militia cavalry.

Then I was thinking a mixed Legion of the other peoples on Agamar, including Carr'nessa and Relinion. That should be interesting for Matt and Allessa.

Then I was going to have about 500 Noble Warriors (Heavy Cav) to make up the numbers.

As to what will happen when they land:

The normal MO is for a group to come in fast, offload in 15-20 minutes and then for the ship to get space bourne fast. As soon as they enter the atmosphere power levels will begin to drop, so speed is important.

As soon as the group land they will be attacked by whatever is near by. The only safe spots on the planet are stone circles. Something about the stones keeps the natives away.

Now a ship landing will obviously also attract the Agamarians.

My vision of the planet is mainly rough moorland and hills with thick forests, rivers, marshes. Think Dark Age Britain.

Now there are lots of ancient ruins around so the key is probably in one of those.

My general outline goes.

Group land ---> Group attacked and meet Legions. ---> Group get embroualed in 25-1 battle. ---> group go search for key in ruins with detachment of Housegaurds. --->

Thats as far as I've got with it so far.

Aside from that I have one thought.

River Styx.

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!

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