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Post Worldbuilding Thread

This is a thread meant for building and fleshing out fantasy worlds, as indicated by the title. It will be done in question and answer format; I post a question or two from a list, everybody answers that question, I post another question.

Most of the questions will be either taken from or inspired by Patricia C. Wrede's Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions list, which is (C) Patricia C. Wrede, 1996 and the questions belong to her. All answers belong to you.

This thread will cover the seven categories from the FWQ list:

I. The World
II. Physical and Historical Features
III. Magic and Magicians
IV. Peoples and Customs
V. Social Organization
VI. Commerce, Trade, and Public Life
VII. Daily Life


1. Unless you want to ditch the thread when it's covering Category III, your fantasy world needs to have a supernatural force in it; something paralleling some sort of magic. (In Star Wars, this is the Force. With Admiral, it is the Futhark. With me, it's, well, Magic. Etc.) This won't be a problem for anyone that I know is joining this thread so far, but I'm pointing this out anyway in case other people join.

2. If possible, plan on detailing at least two distinct cultures. (I'll be doing quite a few more.) These cultures should relate to each other in some way.

3. Don't worry about whatever you post being final. The point of this thread is to flesh out worlds (or even create them from scratch if you have a basic idea). None of us being gods we will end up making mistakes, or putting something we later want to change. That's perfectly fine.

4. Feel free to pose questions that I don't pose, or ask questions about someone else's world. (The last part should be obvious. )

To join, please post:

World(s) Name(s): (e.g. "'X' Continent of Agamar", or "Agamar", or "Agamar and Tarsis", or "Agamarian Sector", etc. [apologies to BD ]) Edit: To clarify, those are examples. You could do a continent (or island?) of a single planet, a planet, two planets, a sector of planets, etc.

Universe: (e.g. Star Wars AU, Earth AU, etc.)

Brief Summary: (Optional.)

That's all.

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