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The issue then though would be that the ships reactors would be drained. I would say that sending the Drakes alone would be unwise.

Now I'll go into my thoughts on "Dragons"

There are three types:

A. Flightless Dragons, usually measuring 15-25m in length these are basicall lizzards with short, powerfull legs, they part and run part sliver accross the ground and are only about as fast as a man. They have very mobile tales with spiked ends and they breath fire. They are difficult to kill because of their armoured scales and because the only "weak" spot is on the belly. They usually have to be stopped by battledogs with force forged blades, unless you find a way to get at the belly.

B. Man Dragons, believed to be crossbred with some other creature. They are bipedal, with man like bodies and dragon heads with redused snouts, they stand around 2m tall, some have tales and wings, all breath fire. They are considered dangerous but most houseguards would be expected to take one down.

C. Winged Dragon, basically the classic European Dragon, standing around 10-15m tall and between 20-30m long in flight. The breath fire, they ruin your day. It is the privilage of the Dragonsbain to slay these creatures.

Dragonsbain: A subdevision of most Noble Orders these men are equipped in the same way as others but carry compound bows, the arrows for which are each Force-forged, they have the finest armour and the best horses.

When not fighting dragons they are a dominating and virtually undefeatable battlefield force. They can usually be recognised by their destinctive dragon's scale shields, which they earn after their first kill.

Of the 30,000 odd Battledogs only two tumae (80) are Dragonsbain.

So you can see why the Agamarians won't be too keen on the Drakes.

As to the Styx: The Homeric version.

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!

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