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Name:Jaden Randell
Appearance:Mandalore armor (from KotOR,not Jango)red targeting visor,and hunting laser gauntlets.
Weapons:1 Yellow double-bladed lightsaber,Mandalore Blaster Carbine,Gauntlet-mounted hunting laser,three Vibro-swords,and a
Silver-lined sword.
Location:Jedi Enclave on Dantooine

I stood in the Jedi chambers and watched my apprentice train with Master Zhor.A couple minutes later, he walked out,panting,"You must rest,Padawan" I ran to Master Zhor
"what's wrong,you let your guard down many times."I asked."come here...these words are too devestating for your apprentice to hear..." "what?!"I asked again."The sith are getting ready to attack,and we only have a handful of jedi...a war is on the immediate horizon...what do you suggest?" "one word,Mercenaries"I replied

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