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I'm desperate... Willing to pay. $$$

I am Jedi Cop of the JK clan united Jedi and member of the gaming community Fraggle Rock. I have a long time looked for someone to build me a decent skin as I'm not nearly artistic enough or skilled to do one my self.

I am a cop in RL and have not been able to find a good cop skin. Basicly what I'd like is a skin pack consisting of 4 or 5 skins. Some of the skins would require some custom framework. Some would just need some reskinning. I would also like the skin to be compatable for JKA as well.

Heres an idea of what I'm looking for.

1. Class A skin- The most difficult. Resembling my agencies uniform, which would need a custom made gunbelt. Pics will need to be provided for reference.

2. Class B skin- Very simple design, it would be wearing army pants and a black t-shirt with SHERIFF on the back and front a right thigh holster and a baseball cap with a silver star on it. Pics can be provided for reference.

3. SWAT skin - Can look similar to camo cultist for JKA, but instead of just a hood I'd like him to be wearing a helmet and googles, also wearing the thigh holster.

4. Jedi skin - No custom shapes or anything, no robes or hood. Just plain jedi clothes like what Obi-Wan wears under his robes. however the colors would be a black and green combination.

And possibly a 5th skin, a simple X-wing pilot. However no helmet and instead of orange, the jumpsuit would be green, trimmed in black.

Of course the skins would all have the same head and facial features(except for #3). Also custom sounds, which I already have and can provide, only one skin would need team colors(#2), no bot support needed.

As I said I am desperate, I am even willing to pay a fair price for this work if you have a paypal account. If anyone is willing to take on this project please e-mail me at jedicop@unitedjedi, or find me on MSN messanger. My id is I will then give you more details about what I'd like them to look like.

Jedi Cop

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