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I didn't want to join, not because of character restriction, I halted changing my character to see how the story progressed...and I'm sorry to say I didn't like the looks of how it was going. Yes, you had to control everything, and that can be a problem, because other RPers need some creative freedom (within reason), you actually got onto um, Creteboy? I can't seem to remember his name...but yeah, you got onto him for controlling a waiter, I believe.

That is simply too strict...they couldn't make a move in there without you overanalyzing it. And that will eventually make things boring. RPers want to help in making the story, not just follow a plot and have little say of where and how it goes.

A Mandalorian RP eh? Well, I'm still in the Gothic Vampire mood myself, with VM:Bloodlines just having been released, but if that is what you are up for, I suppose I would give it a shot. What I would recommend though, no matter what kind of faction based story you do, is something along these lines.

You know the old York RP? Well, I don't think that many factions are necessary, as it can be a big hassle, and relies on too many people. If one leaves at the wrong time, the story could be halted.

What I was thinking, was, you could have 2 or 3 factions, started by people you could select, and have the rest join those factions, as members. If say, the faction leader of one of them left, he could appoint somebody as the standby leader until he returned, and the story could go on.

So for example, if I was the leader of a faction, and I needed to take a trip for a few days, I could appoint one of the others members of my factions as the current leader until my return, and make a short RP post on it.

This would also add to the RP, because there would be a command structure in each group, and people could work for RP promotions and such. I hope my idea was helpful to you, I thought it would make for a fun story, whatever you choose to do.
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