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Cries of the Oppressed

OOC: Alright guys, here we go. Let's try and get some of the old guys in here, and any of you new guys that want a good, well-thought-out story. The time period is the Original Trilogy. A Rebel Blockade Runner is drifting over the planet Tatooine. It gets attacked by an Imperial Star Destroyer, and I'll let you guys take it over from there. Rules are the usual, no god modeing, no character controlling, no excessive swearing, you guys know the drill. Let's get this going!

Name: Elias Wiles
Species: Human
Age: 32
Affiliation: Rebellion
Weapons: Single blaster pistol, fists and feet
Strengths: Piloting, Speed, using himself as a weapon
Weaknesses: Marksmanship
Bio: Elias was born and raised on Tatooine. When the Imperials came, his parents were viciously slain while offering resistance to the New Empire. He had hidden in the desert for many years, until the Rebellion found him, and took him under their wing. He spent three years in training, and now emerged as one of the best pilots.


Elias's ship, The Flying Phoenix, drifted idly by one of Tatooine's two moons. He sighed. This was the first time he had been back to his home world since he had left with the Rebellion. Now, he longed to see the rolling desert and swirling sandstorms he had come to hate as a child. He could hear the cries of the people below, calling for escape of their cruel oppressors. Elias sighed again. They wouldn't be landing. They only had to wait while the engineers fixed the hyper drive.

A man looked at the radar. He couldn't believe it. "Uh, uh, Elias?"

Elias was woken from his reverie. "What is it?"

The man checked the radar again. "An Imperial Star Destroyer, coming in fast!"

Elias was suddenly in his element. "Bring the ship up to full combat alert. I would run if we could, but our hyper drive is broken. We stand and fight." The man nodded and hit the red button labeled "COMBAT ALERT". The Flying Phoenix would be ready.

Run from me, Hide from me,
Hear my Tomphson singing,
Son of Freedom's family,
Death to you is bringing.

--Sig made by insanesith. Thanks man!

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