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The Red Planet: First Contact

This is a story I am writing for a little bit of fun. It is about Humans going to Mars. I want it to be a trilogy, if I ever get that far. I'll post updates as chapters are finished. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or if you have any Ideas, etc. And, I try to use accents (such as a Russian accent in Chapter 2) I mean no offense if you find it very bad. I try to put into letters what they sound like, and sometimes I am wrong or it sounds funny. I mean no offense. Okay, Enjoy!

Launch Site

The hot, burning sun beat down on Southern Florida. Palm trees waved back and forth gently in the sea-side breeze. A large, metal scaffolding hung in the distance, framed by the shining, blue, Atlantic Ocean. The sun beamed through the holes in the scaffold. A large, white, luminous spaceship leaned up against it. The words The Odyssey were painted in large black letters on its side.

Elias Montgomery was a tall and blonde. His smooth, shaven face made him look much younger than he really was. He was thin, but strong. His heavy accent reflected that he was British by birth. He had moved to the States when he was twenty years old, and had formed the International Search for Life on Mars, or the ISOLM. It now held over three hundred members: technicians, researchers, and engineers.

Elias gazed up at The Odyssey. It was a magnificent sight. He never thought he would live to see the day it would be completed. He and the ISOLM had spent over three years building it. It had been funded by himself and several prominent members of society. Some were movie stars, others were Broadway stars, football players, and baseball players. And that was just a few. And now, it was done. Merely two hours to launch. Time to meet the crew.

Elias walked into a large, round, room. Seated at a desk was a small, wiry man in glasses. Elias slammed his hand on the desk. “What do you have Ron?”

Ron Findulas got up quickly. “There you are. Your half an hour late. What took you?”

“Never mind that. I need a crew. Who do you have?”

Ron motioned to the wall on his left as it rose up from the floor. “We have everything you want: techies, pilots, people with huge guns, we got them all.” An American man walked out. He was wearing a backwards hat, and spoke in a heavy Brooklyn accent.

“What’s up man? My name’s Wes Mandeedril. Don’t ask on that name. Long story. I’m gonna be your pilot from this rock to the big red rock in space. Glad to meet ya captain.

Elias nodded. “Good to have you aboard Wes.” Wes nodded his head slowly then left the room.

Ron checked the notebook on his desk for the next name. “Alright, let me see, ah, yes, Mike. C’mon in Mike!” A tall, broad man wearing an old Marine uniform walked into the room. “Elias, meet former Marine First Lieutenant Michael Wilson.” Mike saluted and then stood in the “at ease” position. “He’s going to be you commander of military operations on the shuttle.”

Elias shook his head. “Ron, what did I tell you? We aren’t even sure if Mars can support life. And, if it can, there may be nobody there. I hope there is, and I hope we can communicate peacefully, but the odds are against us.

“I know that sir, but he can’t hurt. Oh, and he comes with a full platoon of Marines,” Ron said with smirk on his face.

Elias sighed. There was just no talking to some people. Ron firmly believed that a military presence was necessary on Mars. Elias thought differently. If there were people on Mars, he was sure they would be able to resolve any matters peacefully.

Ron checked the list one more time. “Okay, only one name left. And he’s already in here…”

Elias sputtered the water he was drinking all over the office. “You?” he said with a laugh. “You’re coming? What can you do?

Ron smiled. “I will be ship’s head researcher and uber-geek.” He said proudly.

Elias laughed again. “Alright you can come.” He checked his watch, and said “We better get to the ship. It’s almost time for launch.” They walked out of the building, and down the paved walkway. The Odyssey gleamed and sparkled in the hot Florida sun.

Elias punched in a code on a keypad and the pressurized door popped open. They were in the ship’s cargo hold. It was full of boxes of food, toiletries, and weapons. Elias sighed. “I guess we just have to be prepared,” he thought. Weapons definitely took up most of the space. M16’s, M60’s, knifes, RPG’s, and more.
They continued up some winding steps. There were drawers for rock samples, tubes for liquid samples, containers for atmosphere samples, and tubes for living things, big enough to hold two humans comfortably. You just couldn’t be too careful.

They reached the head of The Odyssey. Wes Mandeedril was already seated at the controls, flipping switches and hitting buttons. Elias patted his back and said, “Just prepping for the trip Wes?

“Yeah, just checking rocket pressure, tile coverage, other stuff like that. No need to worry man.”

Elias smiled. “Will do.” Elias put on the headset and checked that the radio worked. Just as he did, a voice crackled over the headset.

“Odyssey, this is Daytona tower. Do you read us?”

Wes responded in his cool, Brooklyn accent. “Yeah, this is The Odyssey. We read you guys.

“Okay,” the voice crackled over the headset again. “We just finished filling up your fuel. You can go whenever you want”

“Okay Daytona tower. We’ll give you the message when we’re ready.” Wes looked at Elias. “Well?”

Elias nodded. “Punch it.”

Wes nodded with a big smile on his face. “Yes sir.” He pushed the transmit button on his radio. “Daytona tower, we are all set. Get everybody outta the way.”

“Roger that Odyssey. We are clearing the launch site now.”

A different voice boomed out loudly over the PA system. “Attention, Attention! Please clear the launch site. I repeat, for your own safety, clear the launch site. We are launching in five minutes.” Elias watched through the round window-hole. People looked like tiny ants on the ground from the height of the cabin. The others that were up on the scaffold were much more visible. They scurried and ran, some quickly, others slowly, but almost all of them carrying some kind of equipment away from The Odyssey.

After a couple of minutes, the voice came back through the radio. “Odyssey, you are clear to launch.”

Wes was almost quivering with excitement. Not bothering to ask whether it was okay or not, he flipped all the switches to the on position. Then he turned to Elias and asked, “Yo, Captain, you wanna do the honors?”

“No, you’re the pilot, you do it Wes.”

Wes nodded. “Thanks man.” Then he added quickly, “I mean Captain Montgomery.” And then, he punched it.

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