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Anyway NeoVenom, Jokemaster, and Wild Jedi what do you guys think, do you want to try Hiroki's idea or go with a Star Wars story.

The other thing is, though I've really been planning this Mandalorian story, I can also do a story more about Jedi if that's what people prefer.

The thing is I'm writing some short stories around an alternate Star Wars Universe where all the elements of Star Wars exist but none of the characters from the movie do, rather we play the roles of whatever characters we want. It's going to be a long serese of stories that'll most likely expand to other web sites.

If you guys don't want to do a Mandalorian story, but still want to do a Star Wars story, It'll take place before the first movie and be mainly related on early Jedi and Sith. The Mandalorian story takes place around the same time. Either way is fine with me. But I need regular posters who arn't going to quit.

So people, you've got three choices,

Old York with less factions
Jedi vs Sith

(And I'm open to sugestions)

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