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OOC: I am one of the old guys arent I?

Name: Zoric Bastar
Species: Human
Age: 25
Affiliation: Rebellion
Weapons: Single Blaster Rifle, Two blaster pistols, fists and feet.
Strengths: Blaster Combat, Has high bravery, Marksmanship.
Weaknesses: Melee, hand-to-hand combat.
Bio: Zoric was born on Aldeeran. He was of course a part of the rebellion when he was born. A few years later he was trained with a blaster and melee skills. He was bad at melee but very good at marksmanship. So the rebellion made Zoric a normal soldier.


Zoric was laying in bed when he heard an alarm. He woke up suddenly and looked at the flashing red light. Zoric stopped looking at it and went to his footlocker. He got out his clothes and blasters. Zoric put his clothes on followed by his boots then his gloves. He put his blasters in their holsters and went out of his room.

Zoric was walking down the hallway to the bridge when he felt a bang. Zoric fell over and then got back up again. He started to run towards the bridge. When he entered he saw the pilot.

"Whats happening" said Zoric.

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