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Okay well first of all NeoVenom, I think out of respect for George Lucas we shouldn't use his names (Fett, Skywalker, Solo, etc...). While Zeofire sounds great what kind of a sober parent would name their child Zeofire? No offense.

I think Zeofire should be your nickname or the name of your ship, but you should have a real name.

While I am going to be in charge of the story I want you guys to have fun and make the story with me, I don't want to just control everything because you guys won't have fun. I'm not trying to be controling by saying I don't think you should be named Zeofire I'm just saying it's not very realistic.

Whatever Jedi and Sith characters you've created can be used in later stories.

Okay if we decide to do the Mandalorian story there won't acctually be any Mandalorians yet. The first story is going to be on the planet Concord Dawn. In George Lucas' Star Wars, and the Expanded Universe surrounding it, Jaster Mareel was the leader of the Mandalorians and his home world was Concord Dawn. So our story will begin on Concord Dawn where the first Mandalorians will become Mandalorians.

The first story will be introducing the characters who will later lead the Mandalorians. If that goes all well the second story will be those characters introduced into the mercinary buisness. Not until the third story, where they establish there base of operations on the planet Mandalore, will the Mandalorians truly become that of the origional Star Wars.

Now considering that you may want to do a story on the orgin of the Jedi and Sith instead.

Whichever you choose we will be begining from scratch and building a Universe based on Star Wars.

The first story(s) will be exclusively on this website and other stories will be exclusively on this website, but later on I'm going to introduce it to another web site where you will have to go to participate, and some of them may come here to participate. Anyway it's all still just ideas in my head and theres many more, but for now we shall just start one story here and that choice I leave to you guys.

When we decide and are ready I'll create a new thread but won't start the story until everyone is agreed and has a chance to give their own ideas and imput.

Please everyone contribute ideas and imput, give me all the feedback you can and lets just have fun.

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