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Figure i better repost this.... it's been awhile.....

Emperor Cracken Hideki Palpatine

Age:50? (Best Guestimate by NRI)
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"?
Weight: Unknown
Weapon: Lightfoil


Emperor Cracken Hideki Palpatine was born at the beginning of the Clone War. Hidden from public eye, he was wisked away to Korriban, where he learned of the Dark Side of the Force, and began his studies in Sith Lore and Power. His father new that should the Jedi ever find out about his hier, he would be meet with death.

His training during the beginning was from Count Dooku, also known as Lord Tyrannus, who taught him his Lightfoil techniques. After the Clone War, his father and Lord Vader, once Anakin Skywalker, continued his trainning in Saber combat and Force wielding. Many consider him to be the most dangerous Sith Lord in Galactic History.

2 years before the Battle of Endor, Cracken was stationed on Corellia, where he meet a woman, whom he eventually married and had twins with. Despite Lord Vader's protests, this was allowed; however, Cracken was called away 2 months before his children were born.

When his father died 1 month later, 1 month before his children were to be born, Cracken took a portion of the fleet and fled to the Unknown Region, where he was instructed to wait until the completion of his fathers lastest project, the Crimson Star, being built in secret into one of Coruscant's moons. It would be a weapon so devastating it could alone claim victory for the Empire. Thus, Cracken's children grew up not knowing anythig about thier father. Alysara and Irvine were seperated at birth, to prevent any threat to the throne should thier heritage be found out, and have death marks placed on thier heads for relation to Emperor Palpatine.

Leading up to the Crimson Star War, Cracken encounterd Deac, and his band of fighters, whom he quickly befriended and eventually betrayed. His death was not his end however, as he used an ancient Sith Mind Transfer Technique upon his death to transfer to the one clone of his body that had existed. The physical now didn't match the mental, as it is believed Cracken's age of about 50 no longer meets the appearence of a 30 year old male.

Following the Crimson Star War, now Emperor Cracken took control of the Empire, and carved out a treaty with the New Republic and laid claim to a portion of the galaxy. Following this was the Imperial Civil War, an uprising amongs the Imperial Elite who wished to continue the fighting. This was easily won by the Emperor, who annihilated Ulna'Shardes in a massive weapons test that firebombed the entire planet. Reletha Darkstarr survived.

Cracken went missing sometime during the Vampiric Invasion of Coruscant, and until recently, his wear about have been unknown. He has resumed rule over the Empire, and named Alysara as his heir, and applty, the title of Princess.

((Alysara's profile will be posted later.))

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