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I suppose I should post this.

Jammes Windrider

Age: 52 (ish)

Race: Human

Height: 6'2"

Build: Lean

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Blue

Weapon: Sabre Staff/Light Rapier

Bio: Jammes windrider is the older brother of the twins Sophae and Sellenna Windrider. Like his siblings he grew up privilaged and became a Sword Brother at the age of 17, skilled with the longsword, rapier and staff he is a warrior virtually without compare.

When his two sisters left to join the Rebellion Jammes set out to find them, his sense of duty soon drew him into the conflict and he became a Jedi Knight under Master Tae Akaris, after Master Akaris' death Jammes sought out and exicuted his mentor's murderer, this was the first dark Jedi he killed, but not the last. In the final years of the Rebellion Jammes hunted and exicuted the servants the the Emperor, including an Eperor's Hand.

Jammes formed a friendship out of neseccity with Taklin Flax, lest he drive his beloved sister from him. However, Jammes never felt easy with Flax, the man raised on a farm became the most powerful Earl on Agamar and Jammes always resented this.

After Sophae was murdered by th derranged demon known as Ivrine Cracern Jammes blamed his brother in law for not protecting his sister.

"Lord Flax is the one responsible for Sophae's death and I will have his head on a spike!"

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