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Soon after many hours, the Grand army reached this (thought to be last) Jedi Order. Thousends of Imperial Stormtroopers stormed the building followed by the small yet powerful AT-PT's, Grenade lanchers herling bombs threw the windows, AT-ST's chacing any of the opersition outside and shooting them down without mercy, and the big AT-AT's Stomping round, destroying anything in its path and also fireing its High Power lasers at the the main supports of this jedi Building.

General C.Denby - This! Yes, this will get me my retirement!

Captain - Sir, what about Bastar?

General C.Denby - Who cares about him now? If you see him arrest him, if you don't, then just forget about him ok?

Captain - Yes sir!

General Denby,

"Every Man will do his duty to serve his country and course, For Britain! and For the Empire!"
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