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"So exactly what are those coordinates Trent." Said the First Stormtrooper
"That blasted droid can rot!" Yelled Trent
"Tsk, Tsk, blast him with a "High" Dosage." Commanded the same Stormtrooper

Trent was stabbed with the Serum. It entered his veins and Trent started wanting to exchange family birthdays. The Stormtrooper looked at him again.

"So where are the coordinates?"
"I don't know." Said Trent sadly
"Guess he doesn't know." Said a Stormtrooper
"I have an idea, remember where I land when I fell." Said Trent
"Its a couple feet around there."
"Good exucute him tommorrow."

Trents cry for help could be heard throughout the galaxy. Luke Skywalker could here it. Luke used the force to send a message to some Jedi that Trent was hurt.

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