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Endor Siege

Just a quick note.
Finally after moving halfway across the world, I'm set up again.
Was going to work on some stuff for Doom3 & HL2 but find myself inspired to finish off my Siege_Endor map.

No Pix for now - I no longer have my own website.

Anyways, it will be vaguely modeled after the Battlefront map (Very vaguely).

If there's anything you'd like to see/not like to see gameplay wise in the map, let me know now, so I can incorporate it before I get too far into reworking the previous design I did.

If ya wanna know why I'm doing it - It's 'cos you can't play as a Jedi in Battlefront (As yet).

Will be including my speederbike and the unreleased Ewok Glider.

Hope there'll still be someone left to play this by the time I'm done!

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