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Okay, now I can start.

A couple last notes:

> Some of these questions will be duplicated under different categories. In that case, answer them as they apply to the current topic.

> Suggestion: If you can't think of a name for something, but you have an idea for it and want to use it, use a placeholder name in a different language. [Example: I have a race of humanoids with horns, and I can't think of a name for them. Translating "horn" from English to Dutch (random choice), I get "Hoornen". I call them the Hoornen until I can think of a better name for them.]

Translators: Babelfish * English to Latin


Category I: The World

A. Basics

Q: Are the laws of nature and physics actually different in this world, or are they the same as in real life? How does magic, or other supernatural forces, fit in? How do magical creatures fit in?


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