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Okay, I'm starting a Redwall RPG. If you don't know what Redwall is, and you would like to do the RPG, PM me and I'll tell you. And I suggest you read the books. They are that good. I can say I've read all 17 of them twice, and most of them more than that. I hope you guys enjoy.

This takes place much after the Bellmaker, but is still placed (to start) at Castle Floret. A fox, named Vilu Rasra, has usurped the throne from King Argan and Queen Terre and his holding them hostage. His vermin horde is holding the land of Southsward in terror, killing as they please. We must save the King and Queen, and destroy Vilu Rasra and his vermin horde. Good guys only, no vermin.

Name: Arrec Rhodes
Species: Squirrel
Weaponry: Double-Edged Broadsword, Bow + arrows, small knife.
Strengths: Climbing, speed
Bio: Raised in a tribe in the woods outside of Castle Floret, he had always respected the King and Queen of Southsward. Now that they're gone, he has left his tribe to take action and rise against Vilu Rasra.

Arrec hopped between treetops. Moving like a blur of red, he sped faster than the eye could see. He was doing a reconnaissance mission for the Coris. The Coris was the Council of Resistance in Southsward. He fidgeted with the knife in his belt. He didnít bring his sword or bow in this case.

Arrec flew to the top of an old oak. He peered inside Castle Floret. Good. The King and Queen were being held in a low window on the front side. Much easier than the back. He sped back to bring the news to the Coris.

Run from me, Hide from me,
Hear my Tomphson singing,
Son of Freedom's family,
Death to you is bringing.

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