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Originally posted by wildjedi
Ana obeyed Matt, going to the cupboard and getting more shotgun shells. When she felt ready, she turned to look at Matt's 'weapon wall'. Hearing him ask if she wanted anything, she shook her head.

"I'm no good at close up," she said. "I've never tried it."

She gestured to a small pouch on her belt and smiled.

"This is about as short range as I get," she said, opening the pouch and showing Matt a small knife. She threw it with deadly accuracy at Matt's weapon wall, sending it deep into the wall, just inside the trigger guard of one of the guns.

"Now what?" she wondered, looking around. Then, she saw Matt's vibroblade and stared.

"What is that?" she demanded.
Ana there is something I want to tell u.(sheaths the virboblade) Remeber how I said I was a soilder well I was a sith elite trooper...

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