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A: The Climates of the different planets vary considerably.

Agamar is a lush and verdant world, with good soils, thick forests, wide rivers and high mountains. The world has three main continants (Thids may change as I rejig the map.) and a number of smaller islands.

Tarsis is a world almost twin to Agamar

Nijia is a dryer world with only one land mass, with a central desert.

Arkamon is a teperate world, geologically older it has fewer mountains and more plains land. The world has six continants, spread fairly evenly accross the planet.

Mycenna is a dryer world than Agamar but it is fertile enough, with plains lands alternating with dry mountain sides, the planet had four main continants and many smaller islands.

The other worlds across the four sectors all fall within galactic norms for human habitation.

The population of the Sectors is predominatly human, however there are several colonies of Wookies spread throughout the sector as well as some Bothans and a sprinkling of other mamalian species.

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