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"Everyone scattered, great..." Ironskull mumbled, activating his jetpack and flying straighte at the Fett, hitting him on the chest with his helmet. The Fett crashed down at the same moment as five New Republic landing ships landed slowly, releasing Republic soldiers everywhere. Red flashes lit the alleyways andf streets as the Republic soldiers evacuated the people from the remaining stores and houses and battled their way throught the city. Ironskull let out a grunt and speeded to his ship, landed onto the ramp. "Jedi, I need you on this ship. You can handle a turret, right?" he said, walked inside and closed the door and drawing the ramp inside. He opened the door to the cockpit and looked at the Earthling. "You. Start learning to use a turret. Follow the jedi" he said, taking over and activating the automatic lasers. He flipped some switches and two screens lit up, showing the four lasers targets that weren't yet assembled. He turned a small switch and targeted some stormtroopers and clicked a button, making the lasers start shooting as Ironskull flew the ship

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