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A few hours later, the seige of the Jedi order was a sucsess, however Bastar was no where to be found and it was roumered a Bounty Hunter was here, fighting a jedi. General C.Denby ordered a squad to find this Bounty Hunter and offer him a deal. To bring bastar to the empire for 50,000 credits, and to help Darth Vader track down the rebel hero, who's name is Luke Skywalker, however Darth Vader dosn't want him dead. The squads went off in all directions. Soon after a Sniper Scout reported a Bounty Hunter and Jedi Proparing for a fight, the scout asked if he should kill the jedi on spot. General C.Denby replied, "No, wait and see if this Bounty Hunter gets into trouble, if so shoot the jedi, if not it will be good for his training." The scout, with a loaded Sniper propared to fire, but on standby....for now.

General Denby,

"Every Man will do his duty to serve his country and course, For Britain! and For the Empire!"
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