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((those books are the best!I just haven't read them all))

Name:Jaden Randell
Weaponry:Bullwhip,Rennicence(sp?)Rifle((A squrrel used it in one of the books))Broadsword,And a double-bladed sword.
Strengths:He specializes in Double-bladed weapons,he's really fast,and He can climb and jump amazingly well.
Bio:the King's right-hand man,and underground source.He's an "undercover"crime lord and he knew Vilu Rasra as a friend,before he became a Hostile to the operation,and put the massive scar down his face.Jaden now hunts him down for the betrayal.He now lives in the sewers under the Kingdom.((this is in first person of Jaden))

I walked out of the sewers and saw a squirrel jumping through the trees I ran to his next destination and jumped to the top of the tree,and drew my sword,"what is your business,in Southsward!?Speak,Squirrel!"((that's you,gonyjets ))

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