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(You read my mind there. And no, that's no char controlling. I mean, it wouldn't be fun to say, "I strike" then I say, "I block" and keep going like that. I mean, a major char descion is char controlling, not little stuff like that.")

Queldoras sheathed the lightsaber. "I am with you. Do you have any more of those?" he said, motioning to the lightsabers. Jaden nodded and pulled out a canister. He pushed it over to Queldoras and he opened it. A dozen lightsabers spilled out over the rooftop. He picked up seven of them, and held eight lightsabers all together. He smiled. "When do we start?"

Run from me, Hide from me,
Hear my Tomphson singing,
Son of Freedom's family,
Death to you is bringing.

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