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No. This Rwos is from a timeframe ahead of yours. The Rwos from your timeframe was much less powerful, so we decided to jump ahead a bit. Hope you don't mind. If you'd like, we can erase the information from your head until such time as the two of you coincide. That should be about---

Shhh! Don't give them so much information!

Rwos: I'm standing right here, you know.

H'lena: So am I ahead, behind, or whatever with anyone else here?

You coincide with Deac's current timeframe, actually, although we don't expect you'll be meeting each other again for quite some time, although I wouldn't say 'never'. Trael is from a time frame ahead of all of you. A'melie is far behind you. Che` doesn't count. She's from a universe that doesn't even connect to yours at the moment. Alcarohtar too. Davin is from yet another universe, and, well...I shouldn't say too much more about this at the moment. Maybe in the future.

Che`: Well...maybe I'll get a chance to know you all better in the afterlife. And I expect you to tell me everything that happened after I got eaten.

People, you don't need to know every single little secret of the cosmos here! Enough questions!

H'lena: So we might meet in the future, Deac? Well, before I go - if we remember all this when we meet again, I'm taking you to see something we call a movie. A set of movies, actually. I think you'll find them...fascinating. *She grins mischeviously*


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