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Originally posted by BattleDog
Troy wasn't even realistic, armour, shields, helmets and weapons were all remenisant of Classical Greece, not the badass Mycenaeans.
Ya, but I didn't mind or even really notice that (so I'll take your word for it ^_~). What really appealed to me were the Greek ships. They always were among my favorite designs as a kid (which is when I studied the Greeks...I was a bookish child ) and so the opening scene of the trailer showing the vast fleet of beautiful Greek ships covering the sea...the cool music, the voiceover, the shots of the actors (I like pretty much all the major actors in this film, so shoot me)... It's just a real pity that the movie wasn't half as good as the trailer.

(Actually, there were some pretty good parts to the movie...couldn't save the overall piece, though.)

Oh, and curious, how were the Classical Greeks "effeminate"? Still not sure what you meant by that...please don't tell me you're from the school of thought that says anything in males resembling what Western culture now sees as 'feminine' is a bad thing

Wow, we're way off discussing PtH by now.

Back on subject, superthrawn is really swamped and not able to post much right now (especially since he's got so much catch-up...) He'll probably have Ritchet pop back in apologizing for being pulled away, later on. Convenient when you have a character who can do that at a moment's notice...don't have to worry about another coma like Josine

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