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I'm a little suspicious of your generalizations, but I'm not familiar with the differences in the Greek eras, so... (Classical versus Ancient? Eh? I've seen those words used for the same era...)

I do know that the Greeks of the Illiad idealized the male form as well as the female form, and male homosexuality being expected and incorporated in various stages of life (variations existed of course) was a constant throughout all stages of Greek cultural development. Along with the general oppression of women; female sexuality of all kinds was repressed. Another example of the double standard.

edit: Should also note that, far from being 'effeminate', homosexuality wasn't considered 'respectable' if one partner acted 'like a woman' in the relationship.

I really should go back and reread my art history texts on this subject.

I actually recently saw a fascinating art exhibit on childhood in ancient Greece. Too bad I can't remember much of it at the moment.

(I apologize in advance for any errors in the above post, I am really quite tired.)

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