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Originally posted by Astrotoy7
BAH ! you just dont listen lep ! It will NEVER be the same as if you read them in sequence as originally intended. Theres a lot of momentous stuff happenning in SBS. I find its drawn up parts only building the tension. By the time coruscant was taken, I felt just as defeated as the NR did

but still, you do it *your* way, the *crazy* way


nonononono you dont understand, the storyline is good, very good in fact, and there hasnt been a single reference i havnt understood so far, but its like the Lord Of The Rings for me, great story but it was written in such a way that i hated reading it, in the case of Star By Star sometimes the language is very lacklustre, the characters seem a little wooden at times and the writer i swear is making up branches of the New Republic government as he goes along - every single EU book i have read has different names for New Republic government departments. The senates also a good example, i know its been bombed at least once in the EU but its description changes EVERY SINGLE BOOK. just a couple of niggling factors

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