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Originally posted by RayJones
tse. simple. demiplane. demi moore plane. moore? more? less! minus. demiplane minus plane. demi. the difference is plane.. plane. PLANE.

Originally posted by RayJones
*watches inge making hot luurve to mccoy*
...i'm glad the pill i drowned earlier numbs all feelings...
...but it's still... unpleasent...


*has finally managed to free his hands
*takes his phaser and zaps inge*
*takes inge's (dirty) pantees and bra*
*binds ray to a chair*
*gives ray a pill, which will stun him (but he'll still be completely aware of everything that's going on)*
*binds the pantees and bra around rays head (so that it will "nicely" cover the face)*

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