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What improvements yould you like to see in a new patch?

I realize that there must be other topics on this but I'm just creating this thread so people can expreses their views in one thread instead of going to other threads. After seeing and hearing about the latest patch 1.1 I think they can surely make better improvements. Would I like to see, as usual, is some space maps and improve the existing maps by making them larger. Take Hoth for example, make the map a little larger in length and width. My reasons are: it doesen't really seem to be more like the movies it's still very fun but air speeders don't really have enough room to manoveur also, I think they should make the bases a little further apart the imperials can easily storm the rebel base. And I would rather that the shield generator be straight ahead rather than making a huge curve. I would also like to see new gametypes. CTF maps in SWBF are really good for this game type. Assault maps like camino are really good for this too and the other standard ones which are good. I would also like to see some space maps. I would alos like to see that you can pick up weapons and drop your own weapon. Perhaps more vehicles like the ones in the BF1942 MOD Galactic conquest. and there is more but I'll like to see some of yours. please this thread is open to any idea. Hey maybe we can get the Dev team to look at this
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