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Darth NeoVenom, I was thinking something very similar to your elete soldier, but decided for now it shouldn't exist. Mandalore is a peaceful world unknown to the rest of the galaxy and only has a small army but concentrate alot more on economy.

I was thinking after this story, which will be the first of many battles in the 20 year war to come, there will be a large increase in military power and the need for eletes will arise. Then those that portray great talent can train as eletes. But eletes will be seperate from regular infantry and not really involed in the regular rank system. Rather they are specific soldiers trained for the harshest missions, that will be their purpose and should a soldier choose that career he will have to drop back to trooper if he wants to go back to the regular army. So elete won't be a step in the chain of command but rather seperate.

Anyway there won't be eletes until the second story.

Also Darth NeoVenom, Mandalore has never had a war before. The only war prior to now was five thousand years ago and was a civil war between it's five clans which lasted five hundred years.

Being from Corosunt is fine and all but people don't just move to Mandalore. They would have had to accidently find the planet. Perhaps your father found it on a mission or something and later moved there.

But the arrival of any outworlders would be a huge event in Mandalore since for over Seven thousand years the Juanna are the only other species they've ever encountered...(still wondering about Curt-man's Barabel)

Curt-man, perhaps you could make up a brief history about the Barabels and how your character came to Mandalore and weather or not there are many of your race on Mandalore and where Barabel One is.

Edit: I thought of an idea, Deth'lou Swords. If you want to give your character sword as a skill then he gets to be part of a division of Mandalorians called the Deth'lou division that uses swords called Deth'lou Swords. Also those that display great skill with the Deth'lou sword recieve an honorary sword of acheivement made of the rarest most beautiful ore on Mandalore, but is not used in combat because the ore is not strong enough and the sword would break. Real Deth'lou swords are made of the same ore as the Mandalorian Battle Armor and are extrely strong and retaining durabuility(such as would insult samurai swords).

BTW! I read somewhere that Jedi Lightsabers can not cut through Mandalorian armor and had to strike at the neck or side of a Mandalorian to successfully penetrate the armor's defenses. Thus a Mandalorian could combat a Jedi knight in a sword fight, Deth'lou sword vs Lightsaber, And Jedi don't have Deth'lou proof armor.

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