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Name:Apolejeic(Jeic pronouced Jee-Ick ^_^) Goeus

Homeworld:Earth(Born on earth but Lived on Myrkr)

Occupation(s): Battle ship Security

Physical description: Tanned but not very dark, Has Dark Brown hair, Brown eyes, and medium build Looks intimidating but its just a show that he can't help.

Personality: He's toughened up fom the rough crowd of Myrkr, But he stays honest. He is very dependable and helpful and can stare death in the face and stand his ground.

Experience: He hung around many of the lowest, ugliest criminals in the galixy, who looked to hide on Myrk, He's been in many fights and traveled into very dagerous areas of the planets cities. He aslso has experianced wrestling with some natrual predators of the planet.

Weapons and Armor: Rare cortosis plates he wears under his cloths to sheild himself. Blaster Rifle, Vibro blade

Other possessions:A pendent he had around his neck with an angel engraved in it he still had from earth.

Skills: Leader ship

Brief Background: When he was very young he was abducted from his home earth. The alien race was in the stages of illegal experimentation on humans. The ship he was on was attacked by galactic pirates mistaking the ship for an interplanitary trading vessel. They sold him into slavery, and a merchant bought him despite his age. The Merchant taught him everything he knew about the rules of Myrkr. Which were basically look out for yourself. He ran errans for him, raiding people who owed him money, and his customers ranged from new incomers of the sytem, to the gang leaders of Myrkr. After his "master" was murdered he left Myrkr and got a job as a security officer on a battle ship, hoping to find out where he came from.

((Btw I just got an Idear, Say we defeat a person and they have..I dunno an Item, Would it be possible to take their Item? Like as thier defeat they relinquish thier Item and are let go?))
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