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Alright question, how is it that ApologeticII characters was born on Earth. And another question, what should the mandalorian armor look like, KOTOR style or Fett style. I'm trying to argue but the only thing that can withstand a lightsaber is Cortosis Ore. So I think a lightsaber would still cut thru mandalorian armor. Oh well but here is my character.

Name: Trandon Omeca
Age: 30
Gender: male
Rank: Squad Leader
Race: Human
Homeworld: Mandalore
Occupation(s): soldier and squad leader
Physical description: He has a stong build with a bald head and dark brown skin and is usually seen in his armor.
Personality: Trandon usually keeps to himself and makes a good leader.
Experience: Been in the army for 4 years
Other possessions: Just a poisonous dagger that is more like a family airloom
Skills: Leadship, Strength, Knife
Brief Background: Parents died at at early age, although he never found how, and then he joined the army.

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