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Well, star wars takes place in a galaxy far far away from Earth. Not just a solar system away, but an entire galaxy away. And humans wouldn't exist on Earth yet... I mean this is 9508 years BBY, and it's arguable that human life wasn't even yet on Earth at the time of the battle of Yevon. Let alone there being any means of Earthlings traveling to any other galaxies. I wasn't really going to say anything but now that Jedi Malastar has brought it up mabee ApologeticII, you should change your homeworld.

I don't know what KOTOR Mandalorian Battle Armor looks like. Also it would be extremely pointless for Mandalorians to wear Cortosis Ore armor since Cortosis Ore is very weak and crumbles easily, lightsabers can also easily break through a thin layer of it but will shut down. Mandalorian Armor is quite thin. And Cortosis Ore doesn't really protect against anything other than a lightsaber. (correct me if I'm wrong I'm not 100% sure about this.)

Anyway I've never really seen it matter of fact but I was reading a summary of a Sith War where the Mandalorians fought along side the Sith against the Jedi. And it said that the Jedi found it very difficult to fight a Mandalorian because his armor protected him from lightsabers and could only be hurt through the armor's weak points at the neck and sides. The armor was also blaster proof and only a shot from close range would really hurt them.

Edit: Oh by the way, everyone who has posted a character sheet can now post in the story thread even if all the details arn't quite worked out.

I'm thinking also that as we go through the story we can discuss it in here so everyone can cooperate more easily.

Okay the first part of the story took place on a space station orbiting Thaldoria, the second part was onboard the Battlecruiser Tho'dane. The fleet of Vuana battleships came out of hyperpace near Thaldoria, since Mandalorians aren't familiar with Hyperspace travel it's a great surprise to them that ships suddenly appeared. Also the Vuana ships did not cloak, they could not be seen through the space station's screen because of the jamming.

Non-combat type personel on board the Tho'dane are making their way to the escape pods and shuttles, selected infantry are taking off in shuttles and pods as well while other selected infantry help the rest of the crew to get to the pods and shuttles. Important leaders are guarded and evaced immediately. Some pilots are flying what ships they can make it too to protect the pods and shuttles should any enemy fighters come. There are also a few Juannar aboard the Tho'Dane who are treaded like ambassadors.

Vuana boarding crafts and fighters aproach to stop escape and infultrate the battleship.

The Vuana attack only disabled the ship and they won't destroy it, rather they will collect intel from it.

You guys can start on the Tho'dane or Space Station for emidiate action. I'm not sure what to do for those of you who don't want to start on either of those, feel free to drop me sujestions.

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