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Originally posted by Astrotoy7
yeah Leper, who died and made you chief of Lucasbooks continuity.... :P stiff shyte, read the book, enjoy the story/or not and try for at least once, if that is at all possible for someone of your intellectual talents, to make some comments worthy of discussing, rather than whine about $hitty little things like that in an absolutely HUGE and awesome book....(and series mind you)

*goes back to laugh at other threads where leper is starting to grate on people* it is so wonderfully obvious you are from the UK, btw here in aus, the favoured descriptor is "whingin pom"

oh dear, took that a bit seriously didnt we?

i have quite enough "intellectual talents" to judge the book im reading, but i havnt done that yet, ive just stated my impressions so far. I havnt got to the end yet and im still giving it a chance, all im sayin so far is i find the constant restructuring of the New Republic government quite distracting in the entire EU, not just this book.

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