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Okay Hiroki, Your character is good and you can post in the story thread but here are some of my ideas on how some things should work.

The officers don't always go around wearing their mandalorian armor. They have other officers uniforms. Mandalorian Battle Armor is like our combat gear, which we only wear during training excersizes and combat missions.

Also, killing soldiers won't be tollerated in the Mandalorian army. If your character kills another Mandalorian for any reason he will be put on trial and possibly stripped of his rank and thrown into prison. So you might want to edit that little bit.

There is only ever one Command in charage of a ship or space station. Space stations are also home to up to a billion civillians.

Battle Ships will often go on training excersizes where they travel through space for months and land on various uninhabited planets to practice unloading and drive around on the planet surface and march and then get back onto the battleship and head to another spot. During their traveling ships fly in and out of the hangars practicing flight manouvers and landing and take offs. Troops load into shuttles to fly off the ship and fly back in. Random stuff like that so that if a hostile alien race is found they are prepared.

The non-combatants of the military are scientists and the navy crew who work on the ship.

I'm writing all this so you guys can RP knowing what's going on and what I'm trying to do so it's not all confusing.

If you guys have ideas go ahead and post them and explanations for things so we can RP about it too without messing up your ideas.

Also I'll explain the layout of the ship briefly. The ship is basically Oval in shape and brown in color, with a communications tower sticking out of the top at the back at an angle (/) the tower almost looks like a triangle with rounded edges. There are twenty heavy guns and thirty turrets on the ship. There are six docking bays three on each side of the ship. Barracks, a comand center near the front of the ship, a medical center, science center, engine room, cafeteria. Maintenance tunnels run all throughout the ship which are mostly used by the Navy. The Navy, Air Force, and Army each have seperate barracks.

Edit: Okay Hiroki, your character needs to respond to both statements at the assembly of Enforcers in the Command Center.

Also everyone, use italic font to backtrack overlapping posts. For example someone goes somewhere and does something in their post then in your post you go with them in italic font until you get to the point that their post ended and then continue in normal font.

Recruit, Trooper, Squad Leader, Platoon Leader, Protector, and Enforcer are Army ranks only. Commander is in charge of all three fields.

Navy ranks: Aprentice, Gunner, Chief Gunner, Master Gunner, Guardian, Chief Master Guardian

Air force ranks: Cadet, Ensign, winger, Chief Winger, Captain, Fleet Officer

2nd Edit: The Battle Ship under attack is a Command Battleship, the largest kind of battleship the Mandalorians have. It has room to dock an entire Guardian Battleship in each of it's six docking bays plus room for a hundred fighters in addition. A Command Battleship can dock five hundred fighters in each of it's docking bays if there are no other ships docked. And a Guardian Battleship can dock 100 fighters in each of it's two docking bays one on either side. Guardian Battleships can also connect to the Command Battleship by extention docking planks from 20 different locations on the sides of the Command Battleship.

Captain attack ships have only one small docking bay on one side, they can house ten fighters or other small ships. 2 Captain Attack ships can dock in each docking bay of a Guardian Battleship, and attack to 6 extention docking planks, three on each side.

A Captain attack ship requires a 200 member crew but can still function with half that. A Guardian Battleship requires a 1,600 member crew, and a Command Battleship requires a 50,000 member crew.

Then there are a variety of smaller attack ships and other non-attack oriented ships.

There is one Commander for every Mandalorian Clan, but only five of them command their own Command Battleship. One of these at Thaldoria, one at Aldacore, and three at Mandalore.

On the Command Battleship under attack right now there are Seven Enforcers, each commanding a Regiment of soldiers, there are also seven Cheif Master Guardians, seven Fleet Officers.

In a Regiment there are 20 Protectors, 60 Platoon Leaders, 180 Squad Leaders, and 1,800 Troopers.

Okay basically the ship under attack is one of five of the largest ships in the Mandalore system, housing an entire fleet of war ships and an army of soldiers. All of them were on a training mission and for a while had been stationed near Thaldoria.

The Vuana fleet that just arrived, is about the same size as the entire military force of the entire Mandalorian systems. Which is huge compared to real life, but small compared to the Mandalorian army seven thousand years from now.

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