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Originally posted by Leper Messiah
the cheif plot point i didnt like about Vector Prime was that it ended with the Republic winning the battle, it hardly seemed the best way to introduce this enemy that would procede to invade and conquer most of the galaxy. Other than that, i thought Chewbacca's death was poor, i felt certain he would die in actual combat, as it seemed the only fitting way to go. Maybe it was a suprise move but it just, well, wasnt very good.
Chewies death was a sacrifice. His life for anakins. It also set up for a whole new dynamic between Han Solo, who quickly loses the plot, and anakin...Both are deeply haunted by Chewies death, not the least anakin, who shares alot of guilt and grief over it

it was an interesting, and perhaps the only way to have allowed the authors to explore Hans fall to the emotional depths he did..... it was a brave move on the part of NJO authors, and the fact that "immortalised" characters arent actually immortal is a comforting thing to know in the EU...otherwise it would become boring very quickly


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