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I got ready to fight raising my dart and preparing to use it as a melee weapon....She shot at me!She was fast but i rolled to the side and went to jam the dart in her....She used her saber and cut it into pieces.I had another in the other hand and i thrusted it into her spine then threw her on the floor like a rag doll.I could tell she was weak in the force.I threw open my communicator and contacted HK-48.He was in an empirial star destroyer on lock down.I had to get him out.I ran to the landing pad where 2 stormtroopers and an officer stoped me.I reached for my darts when the officer pointed a pistol to my head and said'Freeze bounty hunter,The Commanding officer General Dendy wantds to see you.So I followed.It's not like i had somewhere to be.Bastar probable ran off with some jedi.I needed HK's help anyway.As I was escorted to a room full of stormtroopers and General Dendy.He said if i was to help the empire find Bastar and Luke skywalker they would give me 50,000 credits''.I said "credits mean little to me,i hunt for honor and glory,but i will help you if you give me back my droid,his ship,my ship,and afew stormtroopers i will help you.If i can kill a minor jedi with no problem i think i can take Bastar,It's just Luke Thats the problem.

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