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KotORTLK - TLK file browse/search/edit utility (Current Version: 2.3)

Edit tk102 9/29/06: This application has been officially retired from service. Please refer instead to stoffe -mkb-'s TalkEd utility

KotORTLK v2.3 (11/14/05)

v2.3 - TLK->TXT and TXT->TLK functions added.

v2.2 - Added 'Add Entry' and 'Delete Entry' to the File menu. Added a label that shows the number of entries in the current TLK file.

v2.1 - Added better support for extended ASCII character set (0x7F through 0xFF). This allows characters such as to be saved in the TLK file correctly (instead some weird 2-char sequence).

KotORTLK is a utility for browsing, searching, and editing the dialog.tlk file in KotOR.

Make a backup of your TLK file before you do any editing!

I also suggest using the Page Up and Page Down buttons for scrolling, cuz it's just easier.

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