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Winamp Game

This place is on it's arse, and it's high time someone got it going again. Unfortunately, no-one can do that, so instead I'm just going to instigate another round of one of those annoying games that we all play for lack of anything else to do.

So, I guess we'll do the winamp one. Put all your mp3's into a playlist, and hit random. The first ten songs that come out, regardless of what it is, even if it's the Goddamn birdy song, you post here. Easy.

1. King Crimson - I Talk To The Wind
2. Montrose - Space Station #5
3. Nightmare Visions - Twisted And Deranged
4. Manic Street Preachers - Gold Against The Soul
5. John Williams - Hatching Baby Raptor (Jurassic Park)
6. Papa Roach - Infest
7. John Williams - The Face Of Voldermort (Harry Potter)
8. Rage Against The Machine - Roll Right
9. Howard Shore - Breath Of Life (Lord of the Rings)
10. The Doors - When The Music's Over

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