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All this time and I just noticed this... ugghhh... I'm feeling like Jolee everyday... huh? what?

Name: Ant

Sex: Male

Age: born in the math young'uns

Location: Knoxville, TN

Occupation: Non-linear Media Editor for
Jewelry Television® (I make commercials with fancy effects)

Education: after 3rd grade I stopped counting. My piece of paper that cost more than I'd like, says "B.S. Electrical Engineering"

Hobbies: HTML, Dismantling anything that has shiny buttons and putting it back together, Java, Motion Video (AfterEffects, BorisFX, Motion, Shake), Editing (FinalCutPro, Avid, Media100, Premiere), Photoshop 'chopping', Modding & COFFEE! (yes I'm serious... coffee)

GAH! I feel like I'm doing a dating service interview... hehehe
Single Hetero- Male looking for.... no one... single and loving it

Anywho, that's it... to quote my hero Jolee: "My throat is dry and you're bothering me... shoo!"

"Eagles May Soar, But Weasels Don't Get Sucked Into Jet Engines"

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