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General C.Denby - "Agreed then, your demands will be met. And about skywalker, you'll have backup on that, I a sure you. You won't however just get your demands, I am putting a whole load of Imperial equitment in your hands, you'll have guns, vehicals, amunition, and some probes. The Empire is trustying you on this, but for Houner and Glory in the Imperial Empire, and In the eyes of Lord Vader, you may wish to go further, and Crush the Rebellion Heros, Han Solo, Liea Organna and Luke Sky Walker, You'll have back up on all three."

I then left the room, andleft the Hunter to think about his mission, a patrol then escorted him to the Amo Depot. I on the other hand was looking over the Numerus Bounty Hunters I'd hired, 50,000. I then went to my ship, to go back to Naboo, my home, and also to a Royal Meeting.

General Denby,

"Every Man will do his duty to serve his country and course, For Britain! and For the Empire!"
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