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Well yes Mandalorians developed into severe warriors pertaining to a strick code of morals, and cowardice had no place in their military.

But we are just in the early stages and they have never fought a war so how would any officer have a reputation for killing cowards?

"Get on with the training mission!" ... "But sir, I can't climb that high." "Coward!" *kills him*

I just can't see it happening. Let's just say they haven't developed there yet and that that happens during the harsher times of war. For now they are just a peaceful system of worlds with a small military barely able to stave off an alien scout fleet.

Edit: Okay guys feel free to discuss what's going on right now. Ziltro, Besla, and Jemel, feel free to make any color for the squad your in or be in Red squad if you want. Let the action explode all around as boarding crafts land. There's 11 Mandalorians to a squad and 12 to every third squad. But 30 Vuana in every boarding craft.

I'm going to give a color code for the ranks too, your rank decides the color on your visor. Recruits and Troopers have yellow, Squad leaders have orange, Platoon leaders have Blue, Protectors have red, Enforcers have Green.

I'dd also like to make a new group called Royal Guard, Soldiers of the utmost discipline and skill are given the oportunity to become a Royal guard. Hiroki gave me this idea when he posted the Commander's personal guard.

Also, the army has standard grey armor. Deth'lou warriors have black armor and white visor paint. Royal guard have red armor and black visor paint. Navy have blue armor and air force have yellow armor. Commander's and Mandalore himself have whatever color armor they want.

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