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Okay well first off Jokemaster, there are no Jedi in any Mandalore systems, not for at least six thousand years.

The alternate star wars universe is parallel to the real star wars universe except we change some events as we go along and there are all new characters that we make and control.

You don't need to read the whole thread because most of it is just ideas that were discarded or ideas that don't matter at this point.

All you need to know is the history of Mandalore which a simple google search will reveal. But this is the best site I can find on the subject so far: Mandalore History

Our story starts at the begining of the 20 Year war against the Vuana. A small Vuana fleet (although it's small for the Vuana it's about the same size as the entire Mandalore fleet) comes out of hyperspace(not yet known to the Mandalorians) and suddenly without waring attacks a Command Battleship near Thaldoria.

All the non-combatants are fleeing the ship while the small army on board are fighting alien boarding parties. The Vuana hope to capture the ship and study it. Meanwhile all of Mandalore's military is being summoned to protect Thaldoria.

Right now my character, Joth'loel, is leading his Company at the center of it all.

Everyone so far is on the same side. No one has chosen to be a Vuana, but it doesn't really matter all we need are Mandalorians.

Weiderudare, I haven't decided when to move the story, mabee after this one is finished if successful I'll prepare the other site while we do a second one.

The site I plan on doing it on is

If anyone knows or has any other ideas to do it on please suggest them so I can check them out. One of those free forums might be an idea but I think we'dd have trouble getting other people to join because it wouldn't be known and it would take a while to grow. On rpol there are already thousands of role players in many stories that could see ours and join. I think rpol is good for the next step, mabee our own forum site will be next.

Edit: Jokemaster, my character is a Protector, a Company leader, he's not a Platoon leader he commands six platoons. Also did the explosion kill any regular troopers or do you have 30 troopers at your disposal? It's up to you.

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